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Product Name Product Type
G885 Golf

Patent Number Patent Name:
7,891,370 Irrigation Device with Freeze Member

8,556,193 Irrigation Sprinkler with Captive Nozzle Retention Screw

8,777,124 Irrigation Sprinkler with Racheting Manual Nozzle Rotation

8,727,238 Irrigation Sprinkler with Re-configurable Secondary Nozzle Holder

8,474,733 Irrigation Sprinkler with Reversing Planetary Gear Drive Including Two Ring Gears with Different Profiles

8,622,317 Irrigation Sprinkler with Twist-and-Lock Debris Screen

8,939,384 Planetary Gear Drive Rotor-Type Sprinkler with Adjustable Arc/Full Circle Selection Mechanism

9,149,827 Pop-Up Irrigation Sprinkler with Schock Absorbing Riser Retraction Springs

6,457,656 Pop-Up Sprinkler with Inwardly Deflectable Velocity Control Disc

6,491,235 Pop-up Sprinkler with Top Serviceable Diaphragm Valve Module

8,955,768 Reversing Mechanism for an Irrigation Sprinkler with a Reversing Gear Drive

8,469,288 Reversing Mechanism for an Irrigation Sprinkler with a Reversing Planetary Gear Drive

7,677,469 Sprinkler with Reversing Planetary Gearbox

6,227,455 Sub-Surface Sprinkler with Surface Accessible Valve Actuator Components

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